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. >>> we turn our attention to campaign 2012 and the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney are raising a lot of money. president obama raised $111 million in august. he now has $170 million on hand to use for advertising and get out the vote operations. >> but for the first time in nearly four months the president out raised mitt romney. >> reporter: campaigning in florida sunday, president obama stopped at big apple pizza in fort pierce and ended up getting more than just a pie. giving the president a bear hug, scott van dueser, owner of the pizza shop says he is a registered republican who plans to vote for president obama. >> i don't vote party line. >> reporter: he is a voter in a key battle ground state, and president obama spent the past two days there, trying to drive home his point that mitt romney's economic plan is short on detail and will hurt the middle class. >> they couldn't answer questions about how they pay for $5 trillion in new tax cuts and $2 trillion in defense spending without raising classes on the middle class. >> romney won't say which tax lo
. >> reporter: democrats hope to get back on message when san antonio mayor castro and michele obama address delegates here tonight. the first lady got an up close look at the podium during her walk threw monday. while her husband's favorability ratings have fallen during his first team, mrs. obama remains very popular. >> i think she has been an ambassador for her husband. >> reporter: mayor castro kicks off the prime time coverage of the convention with his keynote address. president obama used the 2004 keynote to launch himself into the national spotlight. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> the republicans aren't letting the democrats have the spotlight to themselves. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is on the campaign trail asking americans, are you better off than you were four years ago. ryan asked the question yesterday in north carolina. he'll ask it again today in ohio and iowa. >> likely just about everywhere he goes. >> exactly. >>> the voters in some parts of northern virginia are headed to the polls today for a special election. they're choosing a replacement for democ
. >>> president obama is headed to louisiana today to get a firsthand look at the damage there five days after the storm hit. much of plaquemines sparrish is still under -- parish is still under water. >> threat of more flooding remains. the west pearl river is swollen. if it floods as many as 5,000 homes could be affected. >> in the city of laplace 30 miles west of new orleans, major damage to a local church could not stop sunday service. bigad shaban has more. ♪ he opened the door that i might be his lesson to me ♪ >> reporter: songs of hope and faith echoed in laplace, indiana. the memorial church held sunday sfs outside because hurricane isaac peeled the roof off the building. the doors were nearly swollen shut and the bishop said everything inside was ruined from the pulpit to the kitchen and his own office. now it's all gone? >> it's all gone, yes, but we're still here. >> reporter: they have been here for 19 years. they've never missed a sunday service and refused to let isaac break that record and their spirit. >> the building is gone but my faith is still in god. my faith wasn't i
principles. >> reporter: president obama hinted on 60 minutes that romney jumped the ground. >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. >> do you think he was irresponsible? >> i'll let the american people judge that. >> reporter: susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> president obama has since talked with the presidents of libya and of egypt and both men express the regret over the lives lost. >>> a number of the country's diplomats are graduates of international studies here in washington. students say they've learned from experienced professors that foreign service can be dangerous work. >> they're often grateful to the military. we often forget the civilians serve abroad. the marines' primary responsibility is to protect the information in the embassy. the primary responsibility for the physical protection of the embassy under international law belongs with the host country. >> the professor says most libyans love americans but there are still lots of guns on the streets and the libyan government can't seem to control the situation. >>> a
president obama can do it. >> indeed when he left office, the economy was in a far better condition than it was when he took office. >> reporter: for those watching at home, president clinton will have to compete with the start of the n.f.l. season. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> the first lady will continue campaigning for the president this morning. she's expected to speak to several democratic groups in charlotte. president obama will arrive in charlotte later today to prepare for his speech tomorrow. >>> another person beaten and robbed in one of the capitol hill neighborhoods in d.c. this one just a few blocks from a violent attack that took place a couple of weeks ago. early yesterday morning two armed attackers took a man's belongings, beat him and took off. the latest was on north carolina avenue on 3rd street in northeast d.c. >> we're obviously concerned. we're close to the capitol. this doesn't happen very often. >> i think it's -- definitely hope it gets figured out soon. that's very uncomfortable. for us that's pretty close to where we live. >> police say this most
in and when you're ready to make your move. >> reporter: from air force one, president obama called republican congressional leaders john boehner and mitch mcconnell to thank them for not joining romney's attacks. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >>> we're also learning more about the attack on the u.s. consulate building in ben benghazi, libya. every room was torched, vandalized and looted. it was not heavily fortified. the attackers bombed the guard house and then took over the main building and completely destroyed it throwing pieces of furniture into the pool. the raid lasted four and a half hours without any ofthe attackers getting caught or killed. >>> last night the house of representatives approved another temporary spending bill to prevent a government shutdown. this measure will fund all cabinet agencies at current levels for another six months. the current budget expires september 30. >>> big brother is getting a little bigger in prince george's county. >> ken molestina explains why police are getting ready to set up even more cameras along county roads. >> reporter: to say the
this broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. , president barack obama and vice president biden will be in new hampshire and iowa today. mitt romney in new hampshire and ryan in nevada. >>> a police is on leave, after he shot a robbery suspect in the back. the office fired his gun to stop the suspect from escaping on a motorcycle that he had stolen. the suspect, kyle, is being treated in the hospital. the police officer is an 8 year veteran of the police department. >>> police are searching for a person who robbed a church earlier this month in the dc columbia heights community. the robbery was caught on surveillance video. >> police are releasing the surveillance, hoping that you can help catch the crook. we have more on the story. >> reporter: the crook cam was strolling. the man with the backpack is the victim. the suspect runs behind him, up the steps and right into the church. >> a terrible thing to happen at the church. >> the thug made off with the man's bag, called and smart phone, not before ordering the victim to the ground and one other person inside.
yesterday. president obama helped lay wreaths at the pentagon memorial. he told families their pain and sacrifice has helped our nation grow stronger. >> when the history books are written, the true legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division. it will be a safer world, a stronger nation, and a people more united than ever before. >> the ceremony in new york included moments of silence, singing of the national anthem, and the reading of names of 2750 people who died at ground zero. >>> a new government accounting office report reveals four out of the five nation's high risk hospitals do not do an adequate job of securing their raid only cal material -- radiological material. yesterday workers at southern maryland hospital center in clinton spent their day learn be the correct way to ensure all radiological material is secure. the training also included how to protect themselves while caring for others in the event of a disaster, such as a terrorist attack. >> i know at the hospital we do a very good job of securing the material. we're close to the air force base so we
president obama's acceptance speech here. >> oh, my god, you don't know how many disappointed people there are. >> reporter: the change of venue means thousands of ticket holders will be unable to attend. >> that is a shame because a lot of people came a long ways to see him speak but it's the weather. >> reporter: as the president prepares for his speech, there's no lack. advice here if he wants it. >> take the gloves off. don't apologize for the contributions that he's made to this country in the last four years. >> reporter: the campaign officials say the president will lay out his plan for fixing the economy over the next four years. susan mcginnis, cbs news, charlotte. >> now more than 65,000 had signed up for credentials to hear the speech at bank of america stadium. there was also a waiting list of 19,000 more at the time warner cable arena only holds a total of 15,000. so all the supporters who stood in line to get tickets for hours will have to listen to the president talk during a conference call. >>> someone sent an anonymous letter to several newspaper and postal politica
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9